How it works

Tell us which sector you work in and our software will provide you with access in seconds, you'll only need to do this ONCE.
Get access to hundreds of DISCOUNTS from global brands exclusive to your profession.
50% of the fee retailers pay us to advertise on is DONATED to charity.

Step by step

Sign In or Create Account

Tell us which sector you work in and our software will provide you with access in seconds. You'll only do this once - which makes returning to shop great discounts even quicker.


Access Your Discount

Navigate to your sector's discount page and click on the brand you would like to get a discount for. If a code is shown copy it and if there is no code shown then the discount will be automatically applied.


Automatically Donate While You Shop

The more you use our discounts the more money is raised and donated by to a charity relevant to your sector of work.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does verification work?
During the process of creating your account we ask you to select which sector you work in. We ask you to enter your work email address and our software will work in the background then we simply send you an email with a verification link, you click on that link then you are verified and can start to access the discounts.
Who can access the discounts?
People who are currently working for the following public sector organisations can access the discounts, NHS, Armed Forces, Police Service, Fire Service and Local and National Government.
How secure is our information?
Your information is 100% secure and safe, we use encrypted SSL software to manage your account. We do not access personal information from your employer about you and your job when you verify your account.
Is Heart Cart free to use?
Your use of Heart Cart is 100% FREE, there are no hidden costs to you or the charities.
How do I access my discount codes?
You firstly need to create an account and verify you work in the public sector. Then navigate to your sectors discount page and click on the 'Get Code" button and your discount code will be revealed.
How do I use my discount code?
Once you have accessed your discount code on Heart Cart simply proceed to the brand site or app where you want to get your discount and enter the code at the appropriate place in their checkout process.